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About us

Our Company

W-STANDARD USA is a subsidiary of a multinational, premier motorcycle parts and lithium-ion battery manufacturer W-STANDARD. Founded in 2004 W-STANDARD manufactures high-quality motorcycle aftermarket and OEM parts to an exacting specification with precision fit, top tier quality, and trendsetting style. The revolutionary W-STANDARD lithium-ion battery is known as a worldwide leader in power, performance, and reliability. Premium W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries and parts are recognized as a market leader in Europe, Asia, and South America. Now available in North America from W-STANDARD USA the same industry-leading innovation, technology, fit, function, and dependability are here for riders, dealers, and distributors across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Our Batteries
W-STANDARD specializes in the production of lithium-ion batteries that and is made from our preprimary technology and a combination of the laminated aluminum film and lithium-ion phosphate. This revolutionary technical design gives W-STANDARD batteries high energy and output, a compact size, lighter weight, ultra-long life, and are safer for the users and the environment.
W-STANDARD are lead-acid free and are safer for riders and installers. W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries feature a smaller housing and are approximately two-thirds the size and one-third the weight of conventional batteries. All W-STANDARD batteries exceed international battery standards (UN 38.3) and are tested to exacting tolerances and specifications for high quality, performance, safety, capacity, durability, vibration, quick charge, discharge, and other safety performance indicators.

W-STANDARD with its long-lasting performance, durability, unmatched starting power and ultra-fast 30-minute charging capabilities have become the first choice in batteries for motorcycle riders and mechanics worldwide.


Extended Life Cycle

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries have up to 5 times longer life than conventional lead-acid batteries and perform with over 2000 cycles in tests. In contrast, even the best lead-acid battery is typically only good for 300 to 500 cycles.

High Performance Power

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries deliver 5 times the cracking power over conventional batteries consistently outperforming the competition in independent tests.

Small & Lightweight

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries are one-third the weight and two-thirds the size of conventional batteries of the same specifications.

Perfect Fit and Function

Each W-STANDARD battery comes with vibration dampening customizable, adhesive backed, fireproof foam cut outs to ensure a secure and proper fit in the vehicle battery tray.

Care Free Maintenance

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries have an industry leading low discharge rate and can sit for up one year without use or recharge with approximately only a 1% power loss.

Fast and Efficient Charging

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries leads the industry in quick charged capabilities. With a W-STANDARD Smart Charger, W-STANDARD batteries may be fully charged to maximum capacity in less than thirty minutes. Conventional batteries may take up to ten hours to charge and may not reach full capacity negatively effecting starting power and life span.

Minimum Discharge

Industry leading, stable and minimum discharge under the most demanding conditions.

Temperature Resistance

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries have greater tolerance to high heat and freezing cold and in independently testes have been proven to function optimally at extremes of -4 to over 140 degrees F. Conventional batteries cannot operate to full capacity in this range and will rapidly loss power and overall performance.

Superior Safety & Handling

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries won’t catch fire or explode under the harshest testing environments. W-STANDARD batteries have been tested by independent laboratories against extreme heat, vibration, sharp objects and heavy weight without fire or explosion danger. No lead and no acid means a safer battery for riders, installers and vehicles.

Safer and Eco Friendly

W-STANDARD lithium-ion batteries are lead free and acid free, contain no harmful metallurgy and are safer to the rider, installer, vehicle or the environment.